We look forward to welcoming teams from all divisions to the 2017 Boston Synchronized Skating Classic!

Synchro Skills Level 1 A: Team Excel Boston, Snowflurries, Skyliners

Synchro Skills Level 1 B: The Colonials, Winterettes White, Team Excel Foxboro

Synchro Skills Level 2 A: Snowflurries, Chesapeake Synchro, Icing on the Cape, CNY Chill

Synchro Skills Level 2 B: Winterettes Red, Synchro Stars, Team Excel, Winterettes Blue

Synchro Skills Level 3: Team Excel

Preliminary: Precisely Right, Snowflakes, The Colonials, Skyliners Pre, Skyliners, Shooting Stars, Team Image, Team Excel

Pre-Juvenile: Team Image, Chesapeake Synchro, CNY Storm, Team Delaware, Shooting Stars, Skyliners, Starcatchers

Open Juvenile: The Colonials, Precisely Right, Starcatchers, CNY Blizzard, Icing on the Cape, Team Excel, Munchkins, Synchro Stars, Superettes

Juvenile: The Colonials, Mini Mates, Skyliners, Team Image, Team Delaware, Team Excel

Intermediate: DC Edge, Icing on the Cape, Team Image, Chesapeake Synchro, Star Mates, Precisely Right, Mirror Images, Team Excel, Skyliners, Team Delaware, Synchro Stars

Novice: DC Edge, Team Image, Skyliners, Mirror Images, Team Delaware

Junior: Nova, Team Excel, DC Edge

Open Collegiate: University of New Hampshire Synchronized Skating, Orange Experience at Syracuse University, University of Vermont Synchronized Skating Team

Adult: Team Excel, Esprit de Corps, The Colonials, Gotham City Synchro

Masters: The Colonials, Esprit de Corps, Gotham City Synchro